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Discover more about Michelle Korenfeld from the media
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Enjoy a conversion about fostering students' creativity with Ms. Shruti Verma, leader of SELIN Club teacher empowerment platform. Listen to find strategy and to grow as teacher-mentor. This is especially essential with AI tools being integrated into education. More is elaborated in Michelle Korenfeld's new book Michelangelo in the 21st Century.
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To learn more about the books, click on their image. 
Discover the journey toward writing the Raising Creative Thinkers Guidebook, in the Amplifying Optimism in Education podcast. 
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Check out this interview by author Tina Frisco, for example about Michelle Korenfeld being inspired by the rhymes and drawings of Dr. Seuss.
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Recommendations and Reviews for Creative Children Like the Animals of the World


"What a brilliant informative well written activity book for all ages. I know it is aimed for children but as an adult I too enjoyed reading the stories."             

        Barbara, reader from Goodreads


"I liked the book it was fun to learn about plants and animals and to draw lots of things in the book. I took this book with me on holiday and it was good to complete it on my trip."

         Francesca, aged 10, Canada


 "It was extremely marvelous. the pictures were like Monet's."

             Noah, aged 8, New Zealand



 "It is a very good book especially for kids from 7 years and especially interested to learn about art."

         Mwangi, aged 10, Kenya



"It is an extraordinary piece of work which I am sure will soon find its way into many schools and homes across the world."

         Val Andrews, Creativity coach and author


"Creative Children Like the Animals of the World by Michelle Korenfeld is an interactive journey for kids that will encourage them to develop a good attitude toward and respect for the environment.

The collection of poems, stories, illustrations and interesting facts about animals will not only stimulate young readers to think more about the environment and make them love nature. It's a book that will bring out the creativity and aesthetic side of the young reader's imagination, and the interactive activities will keep them entertained throughout.

The book is perfect for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. It is a good book to read to kids at bedtime. The page where the child is given the opportunity to become the co-author of the book is wonderful and it will definitely help them explore their hidden creativity.

The illustrations are attractive and will enchant and capture the attention of young readers. It also promotes a lot of activities. Books like these are good to introduce to kids as they are not only informative but also educational.

Children will definitely be able to connect with the contents of the book. They will learn a lot because the book introduces them to art, science and animals in the best way possible way, making them curious to absorb more.

It is a book worth having in one's personal collection. An excellent book to encourage an appreciation of nature and the environment."
Readers' Favorite



"I found the book very inspiring. I liked the combination of the stories, the poems and the places left for the children to paint. The poems are very good for the older kids and the paintings for the smaller kids. I also found the packaging very appealing with the happy colors making it exciting to read. Michelle has done an excellent job and I recommend the book to parents and teachers."     
         Ruth, Center of Creativity Services, Kenya


"What a brilliant informative well written activity book for all ages. I know it is aimed for children but as an adult I too enjoyed reading the stories." 

         Barbara, reader from Goodreads


"I liked the book it was fun to learn about plants and animals and to draw lots of things in the book. I took this book with me on holiday and it was good to complete it on my trip."

         Francesca, aged 10, Canada



"In her workbook Creative Children Like the Animals of the World, Michelle provides a unique method of learning, creating, and inspiring. Her balance of written language and visual stimulation invites the learner on a journey of introspection and inquiry into the animal kingdom. I can see her book and method helping teachers and learners of all ages upon their personal journeys and the voyages of life"

         Stan Mullins   International Artist 



"Michelle Korenfeld's book Creative Children is a great addition to a teacher's toolbox. With many activities that help promote creative learning through art, science and environmental activities and opportunities for children to draw and create, this book can help stimulate a more creative learning."

          Helen Maffini   International Education Consultant

"Our academy's curriculum is based on nature and environment. Michelle's literature and magnificent paintings carry the children every time to a different world, and challenge them to think in a new creative way about our world. The activities in the book are inspiring the children's imagination beyond our expectations. Each and every child painted his or her own unique peacock inspired by Michelle's peacock paintings with acrylic colors! Without doubt it was a great experience and concentration was longer than usual.

We're happy to say that the children are looking forward to this lesson every week: to hear how the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly, about the camouflage colors of the female peacock, and many more stories. Thank you so much, Michelle."
         Sarit and Ofir Samuel and all the children of Our Academy in Nature, Israel.


"It is wonderful! The more I look at the book, the more I like it."   

         English Literature Prof. emeritus Yehudi Lindeman , McGill, Canada



"Terrific interactive journal for students who need some writing inspiration. Your children will love adding their own writing, doodles and pictures to this treasure trove of poems, short stories, sentence starters and watercolors. A great addition to every classroom and bedroom for those seeking to inspire youth to greater environmental empathy and awareness."

         Dr. Danny Brassell  America's Leading Reading Ambassador


"Looking to share your passion for reading? Looking to improve student attitudes? Looking for the perfect read aloud text?

Creative Children Like the Animals of the World is it!

Korenfeld has crafted a collection of stories, written in a unique letter form, with clear beginnings, middles, and ends, and complete with age appropriate messages.

Want to use some creative voices in your read alouds?

This text offers the perfect dialogue for those creative and sometimes silly voices. I'd suggest one copy for your school children and another copy for your own children."

           Bruce Johnson   reading specialist and author 


"An interactive workbook that will inspire your children's love of nature and thoughtfulness.
This 158 page, interactive workbook will inspire your children and take them on a fabulous journey of discovery. It is packed with paintings, drawings, poems and heart-warming stories. It's all based on the facts of nature, science and art.
The reader is encouraged to write their own stories, draw and color. They can use their own imaginative ideas and create their own personal experiences and personality.
The story of: 'My Uncle Angel' is a delight to read. I also liked the story of: 'Cute and Cuter' - the two caterpillars. I must also mention: 'Honey: The Bee Who Wanted To Fly' - it is a fascinating account of all the different tasks carried-out within a beehive. It will help your understanding and appreciation of the hard working queen bee, and her army of workers! - You can even learn about how you can help the endangered bee!
Obviously, there's far too much information for me to write about here! However, there is an important message for everyone, written within this delightful book! Many of the animals mentioned are in danger of extinction. I believe this book will help with your creative thinking – and growth into a creative adult and thinker. In this way, you will be made aware of the animals, plants and the fascinating variety of people in our world!
recommend this book for: parents, grandparents, and educators. The target age range is: 5 to 10 years; although, there is something of interest for all ages, in this thought-provoking and endearing book."

          Author Robin Rowles


"Michelle, your work really rocks all the right boats and sails folks into awesome seas of creativity and learning."

          Ellen Weber PhD  Director at MITA International Brain Based Center and Owner, MITA International Brain Center 



"Michelle, I love the idea of the book! Creativity is something computers and automation will most likely never conquer. Advising my own children about their careers, my husband and I stress and encourage creative fields or focusing on creativity in pragmatic fields.

          Jeanne Jeup   Co-Founder - Institute for Multi-Sensory Education


"Combining English and creativity is a great finding. In this lovely designed book children are invited to learn English and be creative as well. Learning and creating are like brother and sister. Michelle Korenfeld understood this perfectly and made a beautiful easy to read book. A book which as a parent makes you smile and as a kid makes you proud."

          Chris Gribling   Lecturer in creativity & Initiator at Tilburg CowBoys


"Thank you for your splendid book.  I appreciated the creativity of the content and the substance of the knowledge communicated to young children.  It is a unique book. It will benefit all bright, motivated children and, in actuality, all children.  All children should read you book. The qualities of critical and creative thinking, knowledge acquisition, appreciation of nature are evident throughout the book and will enlist the learning response of all readers--teachers, parents, children.  I thought it was quite remarkable."

        Joan F.  Smutny   Founder and Director of The Center for Gifted and Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity

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