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Creative education methods

Welcome to Michelle Korenfeld's website -

author, painter, poet, lifelong educator, and creativity researcher

creativity education teaching methods developer


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A little about Michelle and a lot about creativity...

Michelle Korenfeld - author, painter, poet, lifelong educator and creativity researcher for the past 20 years, Dean's excellence in Education leadership, administration and policy MA, brings a fresh breeze to the learning school bag, with creativity facilitation throughout the learning rainbow.

Wrote 10 creativity learning books - writing, drawing and painting. Believes that much of the social-emotional problems are based on aggression that derives from stifled creativity. To free such creative thinking, we need to construct creative learning opportunities for self-expression that will lead to excellence, through self-directedness that comes from teachers believing in children and youth's strengths.


"Michelle has a very picturesque and fascinating way of talking, illustrating and sharing with her audience.

I was amazed, learned and laughed."

Ellen Coronet, workshop participant at the Florida Creativity Conference.

"The qualities of critical and creative thinking, the acquisition of knowledge and appreciation for nature and science stand out throughout the book and will lead to learning."

Joan F. Smutny, founder of the Center for Gifted and Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity, Illinois, USA.

Review of Creative Children Like the Animals of the World. 

"Excellent, well designed! Great details".
"She is a very special creative leader".
"The only wow I gave."

Participants in the deep-dive workshop at the Creative Education Foundation's CPSI conference, Buffalo, New York.

" Michelle, with her rich background in creativity education, makes a compelling case for a more holistic and joyful approach to teaching. The book masterfully outlines how to blend AI with our innate human qualities to elevate creative learning."

Efraim Lerner - Education consultant unlocking human potential in education's AI era.

Michelangelo in the 21st Century book review

The Creativity Wheel PD: Driving 21st Century Teaching-Learning Innovation

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Discover the Creativity Wheel, that connects the whole teacher with the whole child in practicing 21st century teaching-learning skills. Bring strategies teachers have experienced much with lately toward implementation. See how known and new terms, like, trust, integrity and trans-disciplinarity, help teachers grow students as 21t Century innovators. Such whose collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking as learners today, become their future professionality. Ignite with teaching-learning activities that span the world, building classrooms as realms of safety - not only for academic results but also for students’ and teachers’ joy, happiness, and growth. Discover how a new model, fascinating teaching-learning examples, and beautiful paintings provide education with a new hat, and teachers with revered professionalism. Our world can look better with creativity education.

5 key takeaways:


  1. Implementing the Creativity Wheel in the classroom drives innovation, micro and macro.

  2. When teachers are more creative in their deliveries, students tap into creativity.

  3. Students’ development and teachers’ growth go hand in hand.

  4. Find a framework and strategy to implement the OECD's Learning Compass. 

  5. Establish teachers' creativity professionalism.                                                                                                                                                      

Reach out to learn more and order by the contact form below!

Raising Creative Thinkers by 5 E's PD

Island image by brgfx on Freepik 5 Es illusration Raising Creative Thinkers Michelle Koren
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Interactive workshop led by Michelle Korenfeld with audience participation. Experience children’s thinking, in which all is possible and everything connects to all. Meanwhile amplify creative thinking and innovation, to become mentors leading students toward success.
We will connect to our creative spark, empower as a source for stability and flourishment in the classroom. We will embrace simple to implement methods that bring great results.

School’s format hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years. And the challenges of preparing children to the future are growing rapidly. 21st Century children run faster than we thing and grasp. We will never make it to their rhythm. We are there to back them up. So, let’s give them rhythm and enable their learning for life.

To be relevant for our children, we will focus on creative problem-solving and skills development for integration in 21st Century work environments. So, we will gain the trust of students, their parents, and society.

Technology in education takes adapting to, which is a creative ability. We must reinvent ourselves, overcoming doubt and constraints. But most of all we need to educate for values and care. Because there will be enough machines.

Therefore, in the workshop, we will find response to personal needs and challenges. We will gain tools for constructive communication among colleagues to mutually solve problems. We will connect to our strengths as education guiding conversations, leading experiential activities weaving art, science, nature and environment. And mostly, who are humane.


No need to invest in expensive teaching aids. Children are curious about the simplest things in their environment. To complement ed-tech, we will shine with humanity, a warm heart, life experience and empathy. To adjust learning to children’s racing minds, and to stabilize overwhelming emotions. So we will ignite curiosity and grow thinking.

Practical teaching inspiration book

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This book helps teachers leverage their humane personality, to complement AI assisted creative learning toward better results. It provides strategized practices, from which educators can choose those best suited for their students, to ignite creative skillful learning for K12. It equips with a treasure trove of tips to provide students with 21st century study skills toward success: creative problem solving, collaborative PBL, and much more.

Discover how to give social-emotional learning tips and 21st century skills guidelines. They will serve as a balancing anchor leading students’ growth through hands-on learning activities, flexibly structured by simple tools. Discover creative caring classroom management igniting diverse learners’ participation. Become a teacher-mentor, building students’ creative confidence while acquiring knowledge, for success and well-being.

This book provides a holistic solution to 21st century teachers’ challenges. No more trial and error. Creativity education leader, Michelle Korenfeld, offers an efficient up-to-date research and lifelong-creative-education-practice based method to upgrade achievements, bringing the smile back to teachers, children, youth, parents, and communities.

"I an enjoying reading. The contents dovetail quite well as one concept is scaffolded to another rather than kept in isolation. For example, the nexus between SEL & Creativity. I like the diamond illustration to help engage students with the 5Es and their interconnections. The illustrations are endearing and thought provoking.


I can't wait to finish it!"

Achievement Heights Academy and Studio, Dr. N'Quavah R. Velazquez -
Headmaster, CEO, President and Founder.

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